What is Moisture Content ?

    Moisture content is the measurement of how much water is present in the wood compared to the dry matter of the wood. Firewood’s energy content is directly related to its moisture content. Depending on the variety, a log from a recently felled tree can have as much moisture as 40 - 60%. The more moisture in your wood the slower it burns, the more smoke and pollutants it gives off and the quicker it soot’s up your stove’s glass and chimney.
    Virtually every wood burning stove manufacturer recommends only burning wood logs with a moisture content of less than 25%. Somewhere between 10% and 20% is ideal. 

    How long will a Bulk Bag of Firewood last?

    It is difficult to estimate how long one of our Bulk Bags of Firewood will last as there are so many variables involved e.g. open fire or stove, size & efficiency of your stove, volume of the area to be heated, how well insulated is the room/house, how cold it is, is the fire lit everyday and for how long?

    What is the likely lead time for delivery?

    Delivery is by courier normally within 1-2 days (Mon-Fri) for orders placed before 12 noon. The courier driver will endeavor to give you 1 hour notice prior to delivery. 

    In Winter, when it can get extremely busy, delivery can sometimes take up to a week. When this is the case, it will be highlighted on our website homepage and online shop.

    Can I leave special instructions?

    If you are not going to be at home, need us to delay courier collection from our yard for a few days or have any other information you think we should know, please make us aware. You can do so by responding to your order confirmation email which you will receive automatically after placing your online order or if making an order by phone please inform our sales team member at that time.

    How should I store my Firewood?

    It is important that the logs are stored correctly to ensure their quality is maintained.  To keep the logs dry they should ideally be stored in a ventilated shed/ garage or at least under a good cover and up off the damp ground.