Our Logs are actually measuring a lot LESS than 20% - In fact some of them we can barely get a reading on the outer edges but we try to be as honest and clear as we can

Moisture Content for Kiln Dried logs is a very emotive subject & sometimes can be really difficult to quantify. When our logs come in we sample test the exterior and sides of the logs with a moisture meter and a random selection we split to read the moisture in the centre. Each crate usually contains a mixture of log sizes (all a maximum of 25cms in length) and often the smaller logs have an extremely low moisture content and the slightly chunkier can be slightly higher on the exterior, so we can only fairly and honestly give you our valued opinion of the moisture content which we believe is 10-20%, BUT to be really honest our logs are measuring much less than this and some of our logs we are struggling to get an outer edge reading as they are so dry

We do everything we can to ensure our Kiln Dried Logs meet and do not exceed the quoted moisture content but we can never be 100% accurate and can only give you an approximate moisture content.

The subject is a constant question in the Kiln Dried Log industry. Here we are going to attempt to educate the reader as to what and how these figures for moisture content in logs are reached and how it is an art not a science. The timber goes through a drying process in a kiln, how long the logs remain in the kiln and at what temperature for the period is critical.

Our timber is in the kiln for 8 days and is kept a constant 80c during the period, it is monitored all the time by operatives on a 24 hour a day basis.

Irrespective of what everyone claims we at WOODS MARKET try at all times to be honest about our moisture content, we therefore have decided to give an AVERAGE moisture content as it's impossible to guarantee every single log in deliveries that might range from 200 logs to 1000 logs, some maybe below 20% or even lower from 7 to 10% but not ALL of them will be at that level some will come out above 15%, but less than 20%.

It  is impossible that the kiln will dry every log to the same moisture content it isn't physically possible, so that's we have settled on an average moisture content to try not to mislead our customers.

Also it must be borne in mind that even if all your logs came out the kiln at 20% or below, unless you maintain very dry air tight storage conditions the natural atmosphere here in the UK will make the logs absorb moisture just from the air we breath.

Most of the log and stove burner manufacturers state that if your logs or timber are below 20% moisture content then that is fine and will burn efficiently and produce the heat & energy required.

We have seen no manufacturer state that it must be below, although the dryer the better would appear to be the watch word.

We hope this clears up all the various claims for kiln dried logs that are being mentioned all over the internet and in adverts placed all over the place .

NB even the wooden furniture in your home never gets below about 7 to 8% moisture content, and if you have antique wooden furniture you should actually have a humidifier to keep the moisture content above that to stop the furniture from cracking and losing it's shape.